Taking a little time off…

Hello lovelies,

Filming fancy videos and recording TROPHY GIRL was a LOT of fun and a LOT of work. Saucy is taking a little time off to drink pina coladas and work on some other creative projects.

Cynthia and Annmarie are working on a project with euro music greats Steve Sidelnyk and Thomas Johansen.  Steve is working on a solo record as well as playing with several projects (including our fave, Amy Hef) and Alexa is drumming in the studio and touring with several bands.  Annmarie is also working on her follow up to her solo album LOSS…

If you live in Australia or Asia, watch out for Cynthia in October and November. She will be playing some shows there. Don’t worry, Saucy will be back soon with more music and more live shows. Stay tuned!

Annmarie, Cynthia, Steve and Alexa