As you know, the music business days of huge record deals and publishing advances are long gone. Nowadays, bands and artists survive through the love of their fan base, their friends, and believers in their music.  With the help of sites such as Pledgemusic, Kickstarter and Gofundme, artists are able to fund their own careers. It’s a new age and we want to share our process with you and bring you up to date with our beloved project.  Even $5 can go a LONG way for us. Please click the link below to read more about our mission and buy our exclusives (see menu below).
House Concert Los Angeles (duo) $300
House Concert San Diego (duo) $450
House Concert Pacific North West (duo) ($1600 plus travel costs)
House Concert Anywhere USA (duo) ($2400 plus travel costs)
House Concert (Full Band). Anywhere (Please e-mail us for an estimate).
Advance Download of Trophy Girl Part 2 (Zip Folder) before it’s released $10
Zip Folder to our exclusive and rare TODAY FM Radio Session (3 songs) $20
Our Entire Current Catalog Zip Folder Download-$25
Karaoke Tracks to 10 Saucy Monky Songs (Download) $55
Signed “Between The Bars” and “Turbulence” Albums $58
Saucy Monky Album of your choice with Custom Made CD art (by Annmarie), signed for you by band $100
Handwritten Lyric Sheet: $30
Signed Saucy Monky Poster (by Annmarie and Cynthia). $35
Signed Lipstick Kissed Saucy Monky Poster $50
Handwritten, hand made card by Annmarie, telling you about her day $60
Happy Birthday (Video) sung by Annmarie and Cynthia for you/loved one $150
Skype with a band member: $175
Saucy Monky Song, performed acoustically by Annmarie and Cynthia and dedicated to you (video): $275
Cover Song of your choice performed acoustically by Annmarie and Cynthia (video): $350
Tour Guide of LA (Annmarie and Cynthia will take you and a friend to Brunch, the, Hollywood Sign,  AND the Hollywood Star Walk). $975
One Night in Vegas with Annmarie And Steve! We will even buy you a hotel room at our hotel! (Just get you and a friend there) $2900
Fancy yourself as a songwriter?  Saucy Monky will record YOUR original song!!  $3500
The “Learn To Sing And Play Like A Saucy Monky Bundle!”  ($4,950 plus airfare if outside LA area) with Annmarie and Cynthia,
The package includes:
1.    a one-hour voice lesson from your choice of Cynthia or Annmarie
2.    a one-hour ukulele lesson (Annmarie) or guitar lesson (your choice of Cynthia or Annmarie)
3.    we will give you an autographed guitar or ukulele to play during the lesson that you get to keep!
4.    An acoustic concert in your home or at your party!
5.    Photos of you with Saucy Monky!
6.    A video of you playing a song and singing with Saucy Monky!!!  Impress your friends!
7.    Signed CDs and posters, a handwritten lyric sheet of your choice, custom CD Art (by Annmarie) for a Saucy Monky album of your choice.
8.    A studio recording (acoustic, guitars and vocals) of your favorite Saucy Monky song, recorded just for you.
9. A “Happy Birthday” video, sung by Annmarie and Cynthia and sent to you (or a loved one) on your birthday.